6 Questions That Changed My Life

6 Questions That Changed My Life

I can recall 6 specific questions that have led me on the current journey that I am on. These questions go deep and are important to my living with the most important person in the world to me. The concept of “Know Thyself” has been passed down through the centuries but most just use the phrase as a cliche’ without taking the time to truly understand the meaning. The mastery of oneself is true enlightenment. Knowing this is what led to asking these very specific questions of myself. I may share my answers in another post as some of these questions I am still in the process of answering for myself. I felt it necessary to share these questions here because the purpose of me creating this website is so that perhaps my life experiences and insights may help someone elses journey. It is my choice to share whatever value my existence may bring to this world with the world. That is one of the many choices in which I feel I have chosen well. This is a major accomplishment to me because I understand now that better choices will lead to a better life.


As simple as it may sound, I did not always understand this. With so many choices in life, it is easy to make the bad ones. I have seen parts of my life where it wasn’t actually me consciously making the choice. Some of those times I used the excuse that “I had no other choice” I now realize that there are actually only 3 choices in my life that I truly have no control over:


  1. I will die someday
  2. I will have to live my life every day until I die
  3. I am a Black man until the day I die


I have contemplated making number 1 happen before:

6 Questions That Changed My Life 1


….and that is when I pondered these 6 questions:


1. What does giving everything I am and have look like and for what will I give it?


2. In what direction is my life heading and why?


3. What is true Joy and happiness to me?


4. What am I living for?


5. Who am I authentically on the inside (without a name)?


6. What make me “me” ?



Can you relate? Stay tuned, the rabbit hole gets deeper….



P.S. When you practice mindfulness, you live in the moment. You focus on your breathing, how your body feels, and what’s around you. It helps you understand your emotions and realize that they come and go — they don’t define you. Once you accept your feelings without thinking of them as “right” or “wrong,” you can change any unhealthy thought patterns.





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3 years ago

Those six questions are extremely important to wonder. If you haven’t wondered them yet then, buuuu!!!!! Haha anyhow, it it very important to know who you truly are. Keep in mind that every single situation in your life makes you who you are today. Also keep in mind that each person you meet has a position and purpose for your life; even a telemarketer!

jessie palaypay
jessie palaypay
3 years ago

I think it is awesome that you questioned the purpose of your life. A lot of people don’t make the effort to do so and just live their day to day life with nothing to liver except living.

Where do you look if your not sure where to find direction?