Become a Powerful Epic Legendary Warrior – Mind Power Subliminal Affirmations

Become a Powerful Epic Legendary Warrior – Mind Power Subliminal Affirmations

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These subliminal affirmations are about epic battles and legendary warriors. This is the beginning of a New Heroic Age. Are you ready to become a warrior?

This video is unisex. Listen at least twice a day until you get your desired results. Headphones are optional. You are responsible for yourself. Use at your own risk. (Video image credit – Troy)

“A body burned upon the Funeral Pyer, an epic song sung from the Bard’s Lyre. A battle-torn heart and shifting rage. Grief like torment upon the waves.

With glistening eyes and gleaming armor, she wields the sword of fire and the shield of thunder. Where are the warriors? Where are the heros? Have they gone to sleep? Are they no more?

Wake up and hear my call. Stand as if you were 70 feet tall. For the time has come to be reborn.” – Amy Bass aka Mind Power

Affirmations –
I am worthy of being called a warrior in its most epic legendary form.
I am an epic legendary warrior that fights with the power of a thousand men.
I am attuned with true warrior Energy and my own true fighting spirit at the highest vibration.
I have full body excellence with the body of a powerful warrior.
My heart fills with the flames of true fighting passion.
I fight in full strength and power with legendary esteem.
I fight for truth and justice with the true heart of a warrior of honor.
I have the fighting prowess of Ajax the Greater who fought in the Trojan War.
I have the warrior skills of Diomedes and the cunning of Odysseus depicted by Homer.
My kleos aphthiton and imperishable glory reach the skies.
My body and mind are forged and empowered for battle.
My body and mind are strengthened as if I were raised with the training of Spartan Agoge.
I am compassionate to the innocent and merciful to the supplicants.
I imprint within my heart and mind the noble virtues of courage, truth, and honor.
I imprint within my mind and thoughts the noble virtues of fidelity, discipline, and hospitality.
I imprint within my personality and actions the noble virtues of self-reliance, industriousness, and perseverance.
I am courageous and chivalrous like the Sarmatian Knights of Arthurian Legend.
I have the pietas, devotion, and battle furor of Aeneas of the Aeneid.
My body adapts develops and masters Heroic Leap causing my legs to have an explosive leaping power that causes the Earth to shake as I land.
My body adapts develops and masters Pummel and Charge with the muscular force of a Minotaur.
My body adapts develops and masters Heroic Throw that enables me to throw even the heaviest and most powerful weapons with immense speed and force.
I have the running speed of the swift immortal horse Arion.
My mind adapts develops and masters the art of Taunt and my mind-body connection is legendary.
I am able to attack with a ferocity that makes men tremble and fall to their knees.
I am able to block any attacks with the immovable strength of a steadfast mountain.
I am armored with powerful energetic armor as if it were crafted by Hephaestus.
My glorious armor is emblazed by energetic flames in the heat of battle.
I am able to fight and move through battle with the force of a torrential river.
My mind adapts develops and masters Combat Perception and I always outwit my opponent with every twist and turn.
My immense strength, speed, agility, and dexterity are unparalleled compared to mortals.
I rise up in strength and power as the epic legendary warrior I choose to become.
I evolve into a better and greater warrior every time I listen to these affirmations.
These affirmations are fulfilled and manifested at the highest vibration.
All worthy and beneficial changes and upgrades from these affirmations are permanent.
Plus all the affirmations as you and your statements.

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4 years ago

I found your warrior affirmations inspirational. I am a 51 year old female horse trainer and personal trainer. The warrior mentality is essential for both fields. As a horse trainer I am often required to lead through stressful sometimes life threatening situations which requires both confidence and compassion. Your affirmations moved me to remember that warrior within.

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