Black Minds Matter

Black Minds Matter

Black Minds Matter 1

So much of what we are instructed in school is incorrect and also misleading that The U.S.A.’s youth are beginning life mentally handicapped. This includes youth of all races. While the Facts heal and also sets free, distortions bring damage and bondage. This is the actual source of the pain and also suffering of “mans inhumanity to man.” And also this is the reason it need to be addressed today.

For a lot of us, our expertise of history only goes back to ancient Greece as well as Rome. The factor for the apparent slant is that history is composed from the perspective of the conquering and ruling class. It is evident that the major objective of this team is painting the picture of their historical quests in the finest of lights feasible and also by “any ways required.” In the American public colleges the wonderful years of the African empires pre-dating the age of the Roman Realm, is systematically removed and distorted at best.

Such a curriculum triggers White young people to have a distorted view of their African American schoolmates and also peers. It causes them to see them as much less useful and also a people to really feel only distain for. Such a curriculum causes Black youth to really feel substandard. Euro-centrism is harmful for America. Because of that, any type of curriculum that does not show the truth ought to be unacceptable. “It hurts to advert to these points. Yet our forefathers, though pious, and also honest, were nevertheless, about Christian charity, under a cloud; and, in history, reality ought to be held spiritual, at whatever cost …

while we are pulling the covers on America’s academic system, we should not neglect to shine the light of reality on The U.S.A.’s spiritual system as well. The past as well as present “sins” of the Church and School are responsible for the sickness of our culture today. Both the education and learning system as well as the “Orthodox” churches, or the church that is approved, has offered a false view of the Old Africans. Christians and also especially African American Christians understand that it is the Orthodox Church that created as well as continued the misnomer that Blacks were a cursed race and also therefore only fit to be servants. It is the church that is responsible for the cloud around Africans and also their very early relationship to their God. The Orthodox Christian church promoted the suggestion that Africans worshipped many gods and also consequently were heathen and pagans. As a result of the Church, White America regarded it right in the sight of god to proclaim that Africans were only two-thirds human.


Black Minds Matter 2

The Reality has to be informed Today, the good news is, the reality is being exposed in many locations kept in the dark for centuries. Dishonest government methods, inside trading and also deceiving the public by the service industry, and also the current bringing to the light of “some” of the wrongs of the Church has offered the information with great deals of great Front web page news. Yet, too few have actually embarked on the job of seriously examining our significant institutions. Today, due to the fatality and also destruction faced by Americans particularly and the world as a whole, we have to start to try to find the resource and cease efforts to remedy the problem.

The signs and symptoms are just indicators of the depth of spiritual wickedness and also signs of a failing educational system. Consequently we shall restrict our comprehensive analysis to both establishments that straight impact on the mind as well as spirit, particularly, the Church and School. The truth should be told about why these two essential organizations are failing us. If we would absolutely enlighten our youth, a lot of the conflict in between the races would be decreased. Troubles of self esteem among African American young people would start to vanish, as well as youngsters neglect for the sanctity of life would certainly be boosted  and straight influence change in youth violence.

“African history is simply the missing pages of world history.” -Arthur Schomburg


“The Truth Will Set You Free.”

“Just Go!” Don’t Stop.



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