Does it Matter if You are Black or White?

I believe understanding will bring us closer as a people. The more we understand our differences, the more harmony we can live in. As a Black man, myself, I have experienced many racist and unfair treatments from those of a lighter shade. I was introduced to the idea of “the blue-eyed devil” and had plenty of personal evidence to support the theory. As I have matured and been exposed to different people and cultures, I no longer fully subscribe to that theory. I have also found evidence of a hidden agenda in the media to perpetuate the Blacks vs. the Whites idea. I do not fully subscribe to that either.

I have met both good and evil existing in both races on many levels. I agree with the perspective given by Brother Polight in this video and pray that the more ignorance we dissolve and the more understanding of each other we gain, the better we all can begin to live together. I do not see any race disappearing from this world so we may as well learn to harmonize ourselves.


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5 years ago

I think it is really unfair to judge someone based on their physical appearance and that could be color, weight, height, etc. I mean we just cannot control such biological differences and saying, someone, that because you are biologically different and hence you belong in this category is pretty mean.

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