Laugh About It

If you cannot laugh at yourself, you are taking life way too seriously and missing the joy of living. Funny Days are important to reflect upon. Laughing is natural, good medicine. I recently came across a few very funny memories from back in the day. I share one here:


Live well, Laugh often, and Love much!

A real life situation I choose to laugh at:

Laugh About It 1
“Yaaaayhh, smoke weed every dayyyy!!!

So my recently “turned 18” daughter decided to leave home and live her “free life” with her boyfriend. so right now, she is like:


and her boyfriend is like:

Laugh About It 2
“I can’t hold a job but We’re going to college together! pass that over here”







….her little sister is like: 

Laugh About It 3
“He’s so dumb, we had to do all his work for him to graduate remedial school”


Then, there’s me:

Laugh About It 4
“Did I just waste 18 years of my life trying to be a good parent?”

Remember, your life is real. Your life situations are not. Learn to accept what is, surrender to it and laugh more. It’s way more healthier for you!


“Just Go!” Don’t Stop.

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3 years ago

Thank you for the video – it was interesting to watch it!
Laughing is important for our health – it is proven scientifically. Laughing boosts our immune system and relieves our bodies from stress and tension.
And it is also much easier to live if you don’t take everything so seriously.
But the ability to laugh about yourself is an art and not everybody is capable of it. But I see you don’t have a problem with that 🙂

Taetske Guillaume
Taetske Guillaume
3 years ago

I am happy I did not have to participate in this, just by looking my stomach was full.In. Holland we have a saying: The best captain is standing ashore. I agree you should stick to being the coach. An original video, it made me smile.

Regards, Taetske