I Don’t Do Halloween

I do NOT do halloween, in fact, I do not do anything associated with that day. I already have issues with anything having to do with  evilness and death and really don’t see the point of scaring others or assuming the identity of another and making yourself up to look like someone other than your original, true self. I decided to look a bit deeper into the origin and real meaning of this so-called holiday. Here’s what I found….

Lord of The Dead?

The Truth is scarier than fiction. Oh no, I refuse to participate in this dark celebration of evil even if I did blindly participate as a child. I must reclaim my FREE African mind from ALL of these deadly poisons that serve no part of my quest. We really need to research deeply what is behind every holiday, tradition and belief system there are in AmeriKKKa before deciding to just be a part of them. These such holidays do not take me in the direction I am going in my life and since nothing stands still in this world, it actually is taking me further away from the path. I WAS NOT BORN INTO SIN so I WILL NOT continue to run such programs on the infrastructure of my mind. It is a very deadly virus that must be removed from my consciousness so that I can navigate in truth this journey through my life which is taking me to my past and my future before bringing me back to the present which is the only place that actually exists.

OUR TIME IS NOW TO BEGIN TO REGAIN OUR NATURAL MINDS. (the time has always been and always will be NOW)


Do your own research!

(click below)


“Just Go!” Don’t Stop.

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Eric Chen
Eric Chen
3 years ago

Hello Digitalwisdo,

Great point! Growing up we had no idea what Halloween was. All we knew as a kid is FREE CANDY.

As you stated its a holiday of dead and misery, so why should we celebrate such thing? I also feel like this holiday is not safe for kids or anyone in general!

People wearing costumes can be very dangerous because they can use it as a disguise to rob or hurt somebody.