Is That Really You?

Do you keep it real online or are you living out some phony fantasy?

The videos below may either make you feel more appreciative of your authentic self or more guilty for the phony self you portray on the internet. It is my intention that either way, it inspires healthy changes. There are many people who are using the idea of unplugging from the Matrix (mostly for marketing purposes) but most of these people are perpetuating the Matrix through living a fake life online. The Matrix is ALL just about appearances (as I explained in my iHustler Blog)

Self-awareness is the true reality. Know yourself and you will know the universe and God. Your true uniqueness is what is of true shareable value. Feel free to begin the journey of sharing your true self here as I have with this entire website.

The “Matrix” has a virus and it is spreading rapidly:

Insta Lie (verb): an intentionally false representation of real life on social media. Examples include:
1.) Tagging an edited and made-up selfie with #IWokeUpLikeThis;
2.) Taking a million selfies before deciding on just one to post as #Effortless 😕;
3.) Going all the way to Starbucks, buying a coffee and opening up your Macbook – taking a photo of your #WorkSpace, closing your Macbook and then going back home;
4.) Using filters to edit your travel photos – making them literally look #Unreal.


“Relaxation is being who you are. Tension is who you think you should be.”- Chinese Proverb




“Just Go!” Don’t Stop.

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5 years ago

Very, very accurate of today’s lifestyles, almost everyone lies about how they really feel or who they are, afraid of the criticism they will receive from others. Truth is once the lies are out can’t put them back. You’ll get less criticism being real cause when a lie is found it’s 10 times worse.
I say great job on this artical, shows being real is really the only truth.

Taetske Guillaume
Taetske Guillaume
5 years ago

I have just escaped this “real” world and that is probably because of my age 67. I got a computer by the end of 2013 and I did not really want it as I would always write my letters by hand. Having a computer opened a completely new world for me but that is about my max. in this modern life. My mobile phone is off in my handbag to be used only in emergencies and it cannot make photos. So there you see I am still old fashioned if you compare me with much younger generations. I am not… Read more »

5 years ago

I strongly agree with your message here. I think almost all of us can fall into the trap of false portrayal online, to some degree or another. It seems like a harmless thing to skew who you actually are but if you put that out into the universe and it doesn’t vibe with who you are in your day to day life that seems like a bit of a conflict of interest. Just Go, Don’t Stop.

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