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King Aijalon

Meet King Aijalon Thee Ansubu

The introduction of King Aijalon is imperative for our Nation to begin healing. His intense concern is shown by his dedication as a Pan-Africanist, Pan African, Pan-Africanism, Pro black, and a Pro African warrior, along with those who are tirelessly working for worldwide African unity. His campaign is to provide social cultural and economic activities for Africans and especially Africans of the diaspora. Aijalon Joseph/LOYAL AFRICAN MINDS promotes the spiritual principles of MA’AT & Sankofa as well as the ancient principles of our ancestors. Aijalon Joseph has the best interests of individuals and groups within the community by showing them ways to add ma’at and Sankofa principles into their lives as well as other African ancient social ancestral Spiritual cultures so they will be better prepared to create health & wealth that will sustain the African communities within the worldwide African Community.


His solution is to be a bridge towards ancient paths so that we can implement those principles within our modern LOYAL AFRICAN MINDS. King Aijalon has Created LOYAL AFRICAN MINDS so we may be the Architects and engineers of our children and our children’s children’s African future, thus by creating one global African mindset that will elevate the consciousness within our community/ communities. King Aijalon Joseph inspiration began from having the insight of the need for our ancient spiritual social and spiritual culture provide us a moral mental balance in which we can sustain economical growth that will uphold the African spiritual agenda of LOYAL AFRICAN MINDS conferences, discussions, activities, and events (other expressions).


The nguzo Saba shall define the growth and standard of loyal African Minds. Aijalon feels the use of MA’AT’S principles Within participation & creating world-wide African Unity will lead to a successful JOINT AFRICAN MARKETS, this will allow you to be part of and have access to the African Markets that allows your business or organizations to grow within the Loyal African Minds/Joint African Markets . We must come together as a family of Loyal African Minds. You are invited to visit his website for a more in-depth realization of purpose.

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1 month ago

It is very commendable of King Aijalon Joseph to work towards worldwide African unity especially for Africans who have left their home land, for the sustaining of health and wealth within the worldwide African community. Interesting is the creation of the Loyal African Minds, creating a legacy for African children through a variety of venues. Thank you for the invitation to visit your website and thank you for an interesting article.

Aijalon A Joseph
Aijalon A Joseph
30 days ago


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