Mindfulness and Technology

As many of you know, I am an iHustler and an avid user of modern technology. This being said, I still respect the the thin line between technology and Humanism.

In a Juneau Empire of Alaska short article labelled “Self-soothing in the age of modern technology,” Jeff Lund describes his own sights on self-soothing using modern technology, particularly exactly how having phones and tablet computers at our disposal develops a gap in true human interaction.

” Something we would like to stress is that mindfulness applications, although they can actually aid with self-soothing as well as they can encourage an extra useful path of idea, they’re not truly therapy,” Wiese claimed. “Treatment and medicine are verified, truly strong methods to take care of points like depression or other problems, but these are truly more for the important things you can do on your own. Yet it doesn’t imply you could not always have to look for assistance.”

” Psychiatrist as well as Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl said that people look for pleasure out of dullness or a lack of objective,” Lund composed. “That makes good sense. Life should not be about simplified enjoyment or satisfaction. It has to do with deriving something from a presence, not simply being habitually sidetracked by a screen or application.”

Wiese discussed that she largely utilizes Enthusiasm Health and wellness, an Android application that serves as a mobile thankfulness journal. Right here, she documents six points she is appreciative for daily, three during the morning as well as 3 in the evening, reminding her also when she is stressed out that she has favorable points in her life.

Mironchuk worried that some people may make use of these more convenient approaches to calm themselves instead of seeking expert health.

Mindfulness and Technology 1

With increasingly active routines and also added stressors of institution, job, as well as other responsibilities, taking this time out of one’s day to refocus is crucial, particularly in an effort to be more mindful.

If we can simply most likely to our phones and also locate applications that assist us to calm down, are we removing from our very own existence and link to others?

This principle is one that is embraced by the participants of Energetic Minds, a not-for-profit organization that increases mental health and wellness understanding among college students with peer involvement. Two of the UW phase Active Minds leaders, President Olesya Mironchuk and Vice President Vivian Wiese weighed in on usage of apps for the purpose of facilitating mindfulness.

Elderly Hannah Jeong is the president of the on-campus authorized student company Huskies for Suicide Prevention and Understanding (HSPA). This group functions to sustain trainees who are coping the creation of safe, welcoming atmospheres where they can collect as well as share their stories. HSPA conferences, which occur every Monday at 5 p.m. in Savery 139, concentrate on favorable living and techniques of healthy tension administration. Jeong specifies that modern technology plays a huge role in her own self-soothing.

When it concerns these feasible downsides of using technology to self-soothe, Wiese and Mironchuk had their own viewpoints.

Her journey to mindfulness did not finish there, nonetheless, as she began to set programs for her own meditation methods each day. Utilizing Spotify, she creates playlists of calming music that she listens to on the bus each day. Concentrating on this enables her to free her mind of the anxiety and also anxiety of the minute.

” As long as your coping systems have no tangible adverse impact on how you communicate with the world, I do not see it as a disadvantage,” Wiese stated.

” For me, I discover it helpful due to the fact that I can focus on that audio as opposed to considering all the important things taking place in my life,” Jeong claimed.

Mindfulness is described as “the standard human ability to be fully existing, knowledgeable about where we are and also just what we’re doing, as well as not excessively reactive or overwhelmed by exactly what’s going on around us.”

Mironchuk also described her use of applications such as Aware, which offers users particular guides and also strategies for meditation. She likewise used to use its counterpart, Headspace, but stopped because the app price money.

Nonetheless, using modern technology as a way to self-soothe might include unfavorable effects.

” The facet of mindfulness that gratefulness journals concentrate on is giving a new perspective on exactly how you view your very own day as well as your emotions,” Wiese stated. “When I falling asleep, I’m simply thinking about all the important things I’m grateful for.”

Although she does not make use of any type of certain mindfulness or meditation-based applications, she takes place YouTube and plays white noise or rainfall sounds to relax as well as adjust focus.

The fallen leaves have fallen, covering the ground with their orange and red strokes of the brush that is fall. Winter months is coming close to, however on the UW campus, no one seems to see. Pupils are out and about, yet their emphasis is in other places– on their mobile devices– and there could be an essential reason for this.

“Just Go!” Don’t Stop.

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3 years ago

This is a good read. I never correlated mindfulness and technology before as being a potential problem and I can see where in some ways it could be harmful in how we cope with life. Not dealing with our problems always having our head in our phones cant be healthy. On the other hand I’m sure there are great apps and video’s that can help us get in tuned with our minds emotionally. So I suppose technology can be good or bad depending on how you use it. Makes me wonder though about this generation how mentally stable will they… Read more »

3 years ago

This was a good eye opener never really took thought in how technology could get in the way of how we deal with things emotionally though I know several people who do this and cant be healthy. It’s good to know there are good apps out there that can help us with mindfulness as I feel it is very important for everyone. You including great pictures and asked questions throughout your content that was great. Wanted me to keep reading. Great job!

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