My African Mind and Money

My African Mind and Money

As I have been reading the book: African Friends and Money Matters by David Maranz, it has become very clear to me that African and Western economic systems are very different from each other. There are unwritten rules that Africans unconsciously follow in their behaviors related to the use of money and other resources.


One of the biggest differences that I have noticed is in the area of giving, borrowing, and loaning of money and material goods. It involves solidarity, generosity, and acceptance by society it means mutual economic and social support, hospitablness, putting group entries ahead of individual entries to the extent of showing a definite bias against individuality, and active participation in society.  These are the highest values in African cultures, essential to each person. Totally different from the western ideal of individuality and independence over interdependence with an over develop sense of individual ownership. Because of this, much of how money works has been kept from our people of the diaspora on the western side. As a result, we are behind a tremendous head start in the money game. Most of OUR people on this side of the diaspora have been indoctrinated into a “crabs in a bucket” mentality causing those who do acquire such knowledge to keep to themselves or only discuss amongst their white colleagues. As a result, I myself am just beginning to understand some of the ways in which REAL wealth is acquired and accumulated.


My experience here in America as a result of being behind in the “money game” due to systematic racism:



  • Black families earn $26,000 less than white families

  • Black schools receive $23 Billion less than white schools

  • Black neighborhoods have 23% less value

  • Black women die 3x more often in childbirth due to quality of healthcare available

  • Black people are killed by the police 3x more often than whites *


My African Mind and Money 1

It’s the little things like how to set up your W-2 income get an instant pay raise of $300-$600 without having to ask for your bosses consent, how credit actually works and how to restore and build it up. Most of all, I am learning how to grow my money and the best part is that I don’t have to wait on my own learning curve because I have access to professionals in this financial arena right at my fingertips.


Armed with ALL this knowledge and resources, I am now more equipped to leave a legacy for my family. I have exclusive access to:


  • Financial Advice On Demand

  • Instant Pay Raise Strategies

  • Credit Restoration Strategies

  • Debt Elimination Strategies

  • Wealth Generation Strategies

  • And… A Whole Lot More !

No Contracts, No Setup Fees AND my Spouse is included FREE !
And Best of All… the Experts Do All The Work.


Yes, I can finally say that I have a solid financial plan in place for me and my family but the very BEST part of this entire journey for me is the opportunity to use my Loyal African Mind to practice solidarity, generosity and mutual economic support for ALL my brothers and sisters by sharing access to this life-changing information!

Get access to this information now!:Access Information


“Just Go!” Don’t Stop.

*Our America: Living While Black

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12 days ago

This is a very interesting read about African mindset on money and sharing, and how it differs from the Western culture. My parents lived in Kenya for 3 years before I was born, and my mom taught us a few phrases in Swahili, so I smiled when I saw the Learn Swahili ad on your site. I do think that different cultures have a different look at money, and as it is not a subject that we really get taught at school, many people do not know how to grow their money. Is there a minimum investment required for your… Read more »

11 days ago

Thank you for also sharing with us how you were able to put together your finance plan. I am also searching for this. I know that working for others will never make me economically independent. And I know there are many resources on the Internet. So, here I am, grateful I found your blog and ready to take action.

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