NuEyes 2 See

NuEyes 2 See

Our New Monday night show NuEyes 2 See just launched with our first pilot episode tonight. Hosted by Nana Afia MamaAfrica Adorkor I, BrothRa Truth, King Aijalon Thee Ansubu and Chief Taq’uee Thee High Tech (Digital Wisdom) Queen Trisha from our Connected Minds Show also joined us. Our topic was “Does Image Matter? We took a very deep look into the images we are choosing to represent our people and culture. In order to take control of our own narrative and image, we must begin to see through our “Nu Eyes” Not the eyes given to us by institutions and systems that work together to further the cause of global white supremacy. Many of our brothers and sisters chimed in on a particular image of our recently deceased brother George Floyd.

*(we choose not to display that image here. Watch video above.)


We plan to expand on the subject of image and its effect on our people even more in future episodes that follow. Our goal is to remove the scales from the eyes that have been covered to deceive us and keep us from discovering our true Nubian identity. We must see ourselves through our “Nu Eyes” Please tune in and Connect with us every Monday night at 5pm PST/8pm EST. Live on our Facebook Page: Loyal African Minds.


We encourage you to Connect, Like, Comment and Share as we work together to remove the scales from our eyes and see ourselves through our Nu eyes and create our Nu image through our Connected Minds. “Kha-Bah’Ra Chi ‘Dah”


“Just Go!” Don’t Stop.

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7 months ago

We are Africans and we are proud of it, we have gotten a lot of interesting cultural activities which makes us special, sure this will also go a long way to show forth our enriched culture to the world, keep doing this guys, you have our prayers and backing, sky is the limit