Stolen Systems

Stolen Systems

Join us Live for Loyal African Minds presents The Connected Minds Show This is the introduction to our series “Stolen Systems” where we discuss all the systems That have been stolen from African civilizations and applied inappropriately to benefit the spirit of global white supremacy.


Stolen Systems 1


We are non black identity extremist, we are a pan-africanism community for the worldwide African Unity that has suffered over 400 years of European, catholic christian colonialism as well as Islamic Arabian colonialism therefore in order to have a more prosperous future we are pan-africanist for our children and our children’s children to know their true selves, control their own narratives, practice the principles passed on from our ancestors and be in control of their tomorrows.


As the Mayans predicted, that 2012/12/21 would be the end of the world, the prophesy has indeed been fulfilled!! From that day, we started entering the age of Aquarius which is the age of information and technology. The age of believing is over, we started entering the age of KNOWING. Religion and dogma are now going to be the thing of the past, we are now moving into the god self and elevating oour spirits to take flight.



We have upgraded in our DNA and have accessed other parts of our brains and minds that enable us to think and do things in a more sophisticated way, this is natural evolution from how our ancestors used to do things. In this upgrade, we were asked to let go of a lot of things that defined us especially as healers and those souls that pledged to help elevate the earth’s frequencies. From 2013 most people entered a phase of uncertainty as well as discomfort as these systems were upgraded into something unfamiliar to their minds and being.
Movements to the 5D started happening and ready souls started aligning with these energies of healing while others were still unaware of these cellular changes thus the feelings of depression and lost and not belonging in this world.
This is a total detox of the old programs of our being and we were welcoming new spiritual light from higher dimensions.



Many of us have now awakened and started to align with these energies of healing, whether on a small scale which is healing our own karma or on a broader scale in helping people to align with their soul/sole purposes. Every role is unique and everyone is assigned according to what soul work they have done on this incarnation and previous and future ones. All is relevant non absolute, thus respect should always be exercised!



Many systems and programs in our indigenous spaces are rapidly collapsing because the human mind destroys what is pure in the quest of power and greed. We are upgraded into new ways of living and healing, in this lockdown only, I have lost count of how many corrupt healers and institutions have been revealed of their wicked ways. Indeed spiritual light is at work and lots of transmutations are happening at this time. Many are looking for repentance and to do things the right way because that wrath is hot upon their spirits!!

Cults are being destroyed, dark portals are being closed so there is limited connection to the dark underworld at current, this is also why we have been seeing so many spiritual attacks off late. IsiNdau on its own is being turned into a religous cult as many of oogobela bayathwala and benza imikhuba ezigodlweni. Are you shocked that the government has stopped all cultural activities?

Its time to evaluate as indigenous healers what it is that we are striving and working for. Many of us work for the dark side and do not even know it, we defend the dark and stand for it because we have long ago being possessed. We rush into ukuthwasa and relationships not knowing what we are signing for, many of us have given ourselves to dark forces and we do not even know how or why. Its just dark in our lives. Black. Silent.

Wee gogo, wathwasa, no patients, cannot even interpret simple dreams, never mind ukuhlola, always under spiritual attacks and have no peace. Uhlala usiya kwagobela nidla imbuzi after mbuzi for imisebenzi engenamagama, awuzibuzi wena kwenzakalani?

Masigqithe, wena uthanda omtshato nokukhunga amadlozi, ubusy udibanisa amadlozi wakho nezilwane, uyatshata wena emaphupheni nento ongayazi, uyasibona isilwane uthi ngukhokho. Uthi kwenzeka ntoni?

Wena ke melaphi othola ama patient ngomuthi uthwaseleni mangabe idlozi alilethi abantu kuwe self, nibusy nifakana namagona isogodlweni zobuthakathi opening all sorts of portals of darkness to destroy your family and lineage. Inyani yona iyababa kodwa ubugwala abuncedi.

What about you? Kuyaziwa ukuba xakufuneka kudliswe indoda kuziwa kubani, when one needs to do heists and need amayeza to protect them they come to you. You are the enabling and base energy for the dark activities to happen. Sikubiza ntoni xasingathi ungumthakathi?

This is why even us as legacy keepers things had to slow down and we need to evaluate and be stripped off of all tools we use to heal sike sizibuze if we have no patients walking through the door, what makes us healers.
If we have no medicine, what makes us healers.
If we have none but our own soul staring at us what makes us healers.

The natural progression of dlozi programming was isthunywa even though when they were introduced to that system it was brutal but they settled and created a system of prophesy that we use and celebrate today, and now we are in the evolution of sthunywa into something unbeknown to us, the changes will be uncomfortable as we enter into the new dawn.


“Just Go!” Don’t Stop.

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