The Connected Minds Show

The Connected Minds Show

Join us on Facebook Live as Loyal African Minds presents The Connected Minds Show.

The Connected Minds Show 1

Connect with us on this journey through mind, body and spirit to change lifelong, self-destructive ways of living. We will expose how our Legacy was stolen as we begin the process of taking back what was stolen. Join us as we dissect mystic wisdom, the scientific process of manifestation, Cosmic history and the Ra-turn of the ancient wisdom that founded the Nile Civilizations and more.

Here’s one of our pilot episodes….


Reconnect with your own Nubian soul and vibrational essences and frequencies incorporating all aspects of nature to ultimately create the highest vibrational harmonics to work on all levels of healing. We will search the origins of the our Universe, civilizations, religions and delve into the alchemy of Crystals, sound, vibration and frequency to discover the Universal building blocks of Sacred Geometry and Ra-cover our Loyal African Minds to the Natural Operating System as the house of African Spirituality unencumbered by the trappings of rituals and dogma.



Connected as one “in one mind and one accord….”, we can begin to transform our consciousness as well as our existence to much higher levels for the greater good of ALL Life.


Grab your pen and notepad and show up ready to Connect, plug in, learn and share your thoughts and questions. Our intention is to Connect our individual minds to create ONE collectively brilliant African mind capable of elevating Hue-man Consciousness to higher and higher levels.




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“A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.” – W. Durant


“Just Go!” Don’t Stop.

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michael beaver
michael beaver
2 years ago

hello and thank you for this very interesting post even though I’m not into the astronomy of this culture I’m sure there are a lot of people who is and I do believe it is very helpful to them it did get to my curiosity and it seemed that every were I read in the post-everything was about being happy thank you for the learning experience

2 years ago

I was not impressed by the lead topic, but it was well written. I am sure that it has a target audience it just wasn’t where my interest is. The topic Buy Black was much more impressive to me. It was well developed and covered the complete process. It defines a market and targets the entire process. I would have been much more impressed if this had been the opening page and the other had been a second or third page. The target is much broader and would attract more followers. Within the Buy Black followers there would be the… Read more »

2 years ago

Hell there,  I got see your site as I was just surfing the net and I was attracted by the title of your of your post and to fulfill my curiosity I had to carefully read through and this is something I really should b part of,  so I got it saved on my calender already so I can remember to connect live on wednesdays,  I know folk who will like this too,  i’m sharing with them immedietely.

2 years ago

Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. The goals of your site is awesome, having a feeling of oneness is a key factor to greatness, with this awareness on net, I am convincee that the spirit of African minds will definitely be revived again no matter the odds or circumstances if backed by a single voice and spirit of unity. Wish the best of luck. Warm Regards

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