The Mind of The Warrior

The Mind of The Warrior

The Mind of The Warrior 1

You never ever speak of it. Those who have actually seen combat do not speak about it. Those who discuss it have not seen battle.


Combat is frightening but exciting.

You never ever really feel so to life as when being contended without result.

You never ever feel so triumphant as when shooting back– with result.

You never feel love so pure as that shed right into your heart by pals ready to pass away to maintain their word to you.

As well as they do.

The biggest despair of your life is to see buddies dropping. The greatest surprise of your life is to make it through the battle. Although still to life outside, you are dead inside– shot thru the heart with ridiculous shame for living while close friends died. The greatest lie of your life tortures you that you might have done something more, different, to conserve them. Their faces are the tombstones in your weeping eyes, their souls beam the true sociability you search for the remainder of your life however never ever locate.

Making honor under fire modifies you. The blast-furnace of battle burns away contaminations dirtying your soul. The white-hot forge of battle hammers you into a detoxified, solidified warrior happy to pass away as opposed to break your word to buddies– your honor.

You live a different world now. You constantly will.

Your world has to do with waking up evening after evening yelling, back in fight.

Your world is about your friend hemorrhaging to death in your arms, growling in pain for you to kill him.

Your world is about firing many enemies the weapon turns red as well as jams, allowing the adversary grab you.

Your world is about having a hard time hand-to-hand for another breath of life.

This particular warrior’s mindset has become the companion I must learn to live with, PEACEFULLY.

The Mind of The Warrior 2

“Just Go!” Don’t Stop.

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3 years ago

Thanks for this article. I read through it somewhat amazed. It is bold and thought provoking, which I enjoyed.
As for Demons: I remember a workshop I did years ago about using our personal demons to drive us on when times get tough.
I read through some of your links and will come back to them because I enjoyed the thinking.
Creating a Bug Free Mind looks fascinating. Have you done some of the training?
I remember when “The Secret” video came out, is Andy Shaw linked to that?
Thanks for a great read. I’ll be back.