The Ra-turn of Real Hip-Hop

The Ra-turn of Real Hip-Hop


You may have noticed that the flavor of our content is seasoned with Hip-Hop. We embrace OUR culture. Don’t get it twisted, the Hip-Hop you hear on mainstream music today is NOT real Hip-Hop. It’s a very bad imitation of our original African culture before becoming integrated, tainted and appropriated. Loyal African Minds does NOT endorse in any way this misrepresentation of our culture. It’s a blatant insult to our ancestors. The time has come for the Ra-turn of everything that has been stolen from us. The light of Truth is awakening the sleeping lions. Worldwide African Unity is now in effect.


“Up, up you mighty race. One God, one aim one destiny.”





“Just Go!” Don’t Stop.

*Video clip from Out of Darkness