Ultimate Panthera Feline Shapeshifter Combo – Subliminal Affirmations

Ultimate Panthera Feline Shapeshifter Combo – Subliminal Affirmations

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Do you want to become a Panthera Feline Shapeshifter? Do you feel drawn to the honorable path of the Shapeshifter? A lion roars out of the midst of the chaos and destruction of this world, calling forth those who are ready for this path. Are you ready to become a Feline Shifter? Are you ready to heed the call? ROAR in your power! You are glorious!

This path is not for everyone. You will know in your heart if this journey is for you. I will be posting the Panthera notes in the comments section so you can read more about them. Becoming a Shapeshifter is life changing, so take the time to make sure it is what you really want.

This is an upgraded condensed combination of three videos from the Panthera Feline Shifter series –
Panthera Feline Shifter Part 1 – Feline Affinity Panthera Abilities –
Panthera Feline Shifter Part 2 – Feline Shapeshifting –
Shapeshifter Mastery – Hybrid Enabled –

Listen three to six times (3x to 6x) a day until you get your desired results. You are responsible for yourself. Use at your own risk. Headphones are optional.

Some of the included affirmations (the rest are listed in the comments section) –
I naturally harness the true essence, wisdom, and strength of a Panthera Feline shifter.
I have now developed a strong affinity with Felines and naturally communicate with them.
I am now safely connected to the vibration of Panthera Feline Shapeshifter energy.
I now have a powerful strong respect for the Panthera Feline Shapeshifter nature.
I have now safely developed a powerful affinity with Panthera Feline Shapeshifter energy.
My consciousness has safely accepted the right of Feline Shapeshifter nature to reside with my energy.
I now ask my bones for permission to introduce the vibration of Feline Shapeshifter energy.
I am now safely attuned to the lore of the Feline Shapeshifters.
I am safely fully attuned to the aspects of Feline Shapeshifter nature that bring strength and animal magnetism.
I am now safely connected intellectually with Panthera Feline Shapeshifter energy.
My body and mind are now safely changed and adapted to safely communicate with multiple kinds of consciousness.
I now safely release and remove any blockages that prevent Feline Shapeshifter nature.
I always know and understand true Panthera Feline Shapeshifter vibration and am immune to false energies.
I naturally attract the favor and love of Feline Shapeshifters.
My Feline Shapeshifter understanding is safely self-regulating and is harnessed at safe levels.
I call on the vocalizations of the Felines and bring to myself true Feline Shapeshifter clan knowledge in the sequential pattern evolutionary code that has always sustained Feline Shapeshifter survival.
I safely download and re-codify my being to be in state of being Feline Shapeshifter in mind, body and essence of being.
I have naturally and safely developed all the beneficial skills and abilities of Feline Shapeshifters.
I purpose my strength to come forth in the highest guard equivalent of honor, loyalty and unsurpassed integrity of skill.
I naturally keep clan laws and respect the necessary function of honorable clan structure in my life.
My telepathic pathways are safely opened to the clan Feline Shapeshifter link and I am pulled like a magnet to the highest quality of Feline Shapeshifter kind.
I am highly functioning in all ways and I embrace my Feline Shapeshifter future with hope and optimism.
I am now safely connected with other Feline Shapeshifter energy to perfect my skill set and increase the ability to endure the complete transformation into my Feline Shapeshifter form.
I feel the instinctive bond of Panthera Feline Shapeshifter kind safely flowing through my veins.
No matter where I am Feline Shapeshifter conscious energy safely flows into me giving me unparalleled strength and capabilities.
I am safely re-coding my scent glands to put off the scent of Feline Shapeshifter shifter to those who are my kind and for the Earth that recognizes my consciousness and magnetizes me to regeneration energy.
I safely bring my being into the fold of Panthera Feline Shapeshifter consciousness and firmly, safely reside anchored to my core to the last of the Feline Shapeshifter kind.
I safely take on the indomitable will of formidable Feline Shapeshifter sexuality with quick recovery time and ability to connect to my sexual core.
I have a healthy mindset towards sexuality and keep myself from predatory users for I smell arousal, ovulation, corruption, disease and all lies.
I have the ability to push my scent claim upon those I wish to protect and all Feline Shapeshifter and shifter kind honor my rights to bind to me what is mine.
I am created to feel a strong physiological bond with my mate.
I have downloaded the distinctive code of Feline Shapeshifter merging of the bond.
Plus MANY more listed in the comments section…

“Just Go!” Don’t Stop.

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